Music is about creativity and expressing emotion. It’s a skill we can use to amplify the effects of the holy name to the common men, and an excellent medium that help us express our gratitude to the lord.

Our school takes special interest in allowing you to reach a very qualified standard in your desired instrument as well as giving you a deep understanding of the Gaudiya Vaishnav kirtan.

Importance of Music

We want to share with you our experience, understanding and joy that comes from doing kirtans. Once you have the right skill set for playing and singing, your enthusiasm will be the only limitation. We urge you to try our courses and learn nicely how to accompany the kirtan. Every kirtanier prefers qualified musicians; both in their skill of music as well as their humble attitude in accompanying the singer. Another very important factor is to never forget, is that we are simply an instrument of the Holy name.

Our method of teaching is easy and practical, with assuring results.

Learn the science of becoming an instrument in the Sankirtan movement, and drown your soul in the ecstasy of kirtan.

Different people approach music for different reasons. It could be for a hobby, money, fame, relaxation, therapy or just to pass time. However our approach to music is different, we learn music so we can use our talent and skills in devotional service.

Our aim should be that we want to please Krsna, we are not devotees of music but we are devotees of Krsna, and we use music as a medium to better serve the Lord. One may ask what is the the need of learning music if the Lord is satisfied by bhakti alone? First of all we should understand the principle of bhakti, that we should try our best to give the best to the Lord. On the spiritual platform ultimately bhakti and only bhakti pleases the Lord, but we can perform bhakti by playing nicely in the kirtan. Kirtan doesn’t mean only making noise. Bhaktivinod Thakur writes in his song “Jaya jaya Goura Chandra” there he says: “Counchshells, bells, and karatals resound, and the mridanga plays very sweetly. This kirtan music is supremely sweet and relishable”

Take some training in improving your skill set so you may better serve the Lord through kirtan and attract more and more living entities to the shelter of the holy name.

Harmonium & Singing


Everyone likes to sing and everyone likes nice singing, singing is one of the best ways to release any variety of emotion that one cannot fully explain in words. Singing gives one a sense of self-confidence and gives one the ability to touch others deep emotions. Singing is an addiction once you start singing you can never stop.

Students will get a basic training in Indian classical music, and then progress to learning how to sing Kirtans and Bhajans.

Vishaka devi dasi has been a great seeker of music for over 22 years, at the age of she began her training under the guidance of the renowned Pandit Ajay Chakraborty for 15 years in his school named Srutinandan

Mridanga & Flute


Learning Mridanga is such a wonderful journey, because the Mridanga is an expansion of lord Balaram one can develop such an intimate relationship with the Mridanga. You just look at the faces of great mridanga players when they play. There is such energy and ecstasy just shooting out from their bodies, such bliss and happiness. You can experience the same, you just need the desire to practice and learn. We can help you on this exciting journey.

Mridanga enhances the kirtan to an ecstatic level. Knowing how to play mridanga on any level gives so much joy to one’s heart and mind. The better you are the more you can offer to the kirtan and the happier you are. It’s really a great way of service to Nam prabhu.

Learning any instrument is always exciting and difficult, but the flute is such a wonderful instrument that within a very short time you can learn how to play heart touching melodies. It’s easy and the same time endless. It’s one of the most joyful and sweet instruments to learn and play.

When you play flute in a kirtan you can embellish and express notes that are not normally heard and in this way you touch the hearts of the devotees.

You will be taught basic hand practices and simple ragas to get you started, then you will be taught different techniques of how to accompany the kirtan, then we get in to more complex and challenging ragas.

Narahari das has been learning and playing flute since the age of 14, he is one of the students of Master Prabhu Gauranga who has completed his training under Dr. Hari Prasad Chaurasi. He is also the main flute player for the kirtan group by the name of Mayapur Chandra’s.



Learning Kartal is extremely important, if you have got the skills to teach yourself then you are blessed but if you are not blessed please take the time and take some classes with us. Yes kartal is a very small and seemingly a not very important instruments, but that’s a very wrong concept, it’s extremely important and you will be surprised how much there is to kartals and how crucial they are for any kirtan and bhajan. NO!! One likes bad kartal playing, NO ONE!

The word kartal already signifies its great importance, it means the instrument that keep rhythm through the medium of ones hands, Kara=hands Tala=rhythm. One mistake of the kartal means messing up the tempo of the kirtan, and the same time when properly played at the right time it can enhance the kirtan to many folds.

Binoy Gouranga das is trained in Gaudiya vaishnav style of mridanga and kartal since the age of 10 in the Mayapur Gurukul and has been in the field of music for over 13 years. He is also an accomplished student of master Radha Govind Pal. He has also given courses on kartal playing in different parts of the world.


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